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Guns in the USA

Thoughts on New Town and guns

Our hearts are broken and even though we may not have known anyone there, we can all feel their pain. On Friday in our area, my wife and I noticed twice the parents and family members picking up their loved ones at one of the elementary schools where we have two grandchildren in attendance. Seeing this made me feel just a bit better and showed us all that this kind of thing can and does happen anywhere at any time. And, we all tend to pause and hold our own children a bit closer when it does. But what do we do as a Country to keep this from happening again? Can anything be done?
Do we treat this as a terrorist attack and respond similarly as we did to 911? Can guns be controlled and still allow us our rights to carry arms? Maybe, maybe not. But here's what I think.
I am not a member of the NRA. I do however legally own guns that are kept in a safe, secure and available location for protection purposes only and I strongly believe that we all have that right and should be able to protect our families from those who wish us harm. I receive updated training every year and feel confident that I can protect my family even though statistics show that I'll most likely never have to. Having a way to protect my home and family makes me feel a bit more secure. And, no-one other than my wife knows what we have and where it is. We never loan them to anyone and though we practice now and then at the range, we do not hunt with them.
So with that said, here's my thoughts on what could be done for honest and law abiding citizens. Some of these suggestions are already in place in some states but I think should be in all states.
  • Require registration for any weapon (those that are not banned and some should be).
  • Require a waiting period prior to obtaining the weapon
  • Require a background check paid for by the recipient of the weapon.
  • Require that prior to purchasing a specific weapon, a class be taken and passed (with written certification) and the certificate copy is included with the registration.
  • Require that all safety equipment for that weapon be purchased at the time of the weapons purchase.
  • Require that a statement be on file showing why the weapon is being purchased and how it will be stored or kept for use as well as who will use it.
  • Require that anyone selling their own registered weapon, do it through a certified, registered dealer ensuring that whoever is purchasing the weapon goes through the same National program that everyone else does.
Will this STOP all future gun violence? NO it won't, but stop some. Will putting these requirements in place Nation wide help keep more guns under the control of those that purchase them and not allow others (friends or family members) to have access any time they want?  Maybe. What it does do in my opinion is make all laws the same in this Country and puts everyone under the same requirements. I.m sure some folks don't agree with me and that's fine. Others may think this doesn't go far enough and I'm sure there are some that may actually have the answer  that most people can live with. However, control is being desired for something that anyone can get (legally or illegally) and all of us trust that whoever has them, will use them properly, safely and without malice towards others. I think being aware of problems within our own families and peer groups and not being affraid to try and help (not ignore) may be the only thing that will make a difference overall. What do you think?
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