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February 2018

Company Update

Several months ago I decided to put more time and effort into efficiency and make some needed changes. One change was to no longer have daily helpers with me and or have others complete work I was only able to start. This change has had a drastic positive effect on my ability to serve others and actually do better work. Occasionally I do need a helper but  now I only use family members and only when it's critical.

Another change I implemented was to allow advanced scheduling up to three months out. Some of my clients are now planning their projects during vacations while they are away and this adds more flexibility to the overall schedule. There are a few others that lay out a years worth of projects ( gutter cleaning, landscaping, tree care, painting and pressure washing) to be done at certain intervals.

Overall, these changes and a few other minor tweaks to the business have allowed me to deal with less stress and frustration. Keeping this business small and controllable has also given benefits to us and our clients.
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