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October 2012

Winter is Upon Us

Every year at about this time, we send out flyers, emails and call our customers to see if they need any help getting ready for the holidays. This year we've been busy with all types of projects and tasks for new as well as repeat customers and fall is shaping up to be one of our all time best.
Prior to the holidays, we see an increase in "Preparation Projects" that are quite specific in nature. These are projects such as caulking, fence repairs, pressure washing, landscaping adjustments, yard cleaning, touch-up painting, carpet cleaning, smoke detector installations, house cleaning, gutter cleaning/repairs and garage clearing. The object is to get your home "ready" for the relatives who stop in yearly for Thanksgiving,  Christmas and New Years celebrations.
We also do a number of smaller jobs such as kitchen cabinet and drawer repairs, moving furniture out of storage, re-arranging rooms (for out of town guests), checking heating systems, hanging new pictures and just about anything else we can do to help. 
Our prices are still very reasonable compared to other handyman services in our area and we do everything we can to save you money. So, if you need help this holiday season and think your project is too small to interest anyone, call us at 209-366-3288 or go to our website, www.handymanlodi.com and see what we can do for you.
Rich Jones CHP
"Handyman Extraordinaire"
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