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June 2012

Spring and Summer Cleaning

We have been doing numerous home and barn clean-outs lately as usual during the summer months. Many of our customers are moving items to storage facilities, downsizing their homes or just trying to make life a bit simpler by re-organizing what they have.
We recently completed a large cleaning job that was spread over several weeks and required several trips to the dump. Our customer had once owned a store and instead of liquidating their inventory, they stored it in several buildings on their property for future garage sales and personal use. There was so much product that it was a bit overwhelming for them and that's where we came in to help.
We spent several days taking everything out of the buildings and placing everything out where it could be sorted. Unfortunately, over the last few years, the roofs on some of the buildings fell into disrepair and some of the items were damaged. After sorting, and after several trips to the dump, all items were re-packed in tubs, barrels and boxes. The buildings were then cleaned out and all the items were placed in the buildings in such a way that when fall arrives, we can assist our customer with a huge garage/barn sale they are planning. We will post the dates and times of the coming sale here and on our website at www.handymanlodi.com. While on site, we also completed numerous projects relating to landscaping hose bib repairs and will be called back next month to replace a pump house roof, do home painting and start other landscaping projects.
So, if you or someone you know in Lodi or the surrounding area is in a similar situation and needs help, no matter what size the project is, please feel free to call us. Schedule a free consultation today by calling 209-663-3662 or 209-366-3288.
Rich Jones CHP
Handyman Extraordinaire
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