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December 2011

Getting Ready for Winter

Now that temperatures are stating to dip, have you thought about how to lower your heating costs? Are you bracing for the first bill now that Winter has set in?
As seasons change, we change the way we think. Unfortunately, many homeowners get caught up in holidays and family events which distract us from chores that really need to be done. Did you seal up your windows, add weatherstripping around the doors or wrap your sprinkler lines and outdoor hose bibs yet? Chances are that you have it on your list but just can't seem to get around to it. Maybe you did all that last year so you're thinking I don't have to worry about it. You should.
If that's the case, here's some information that may get you moving a bit faster on these projects. Most people change their windshield wipers on their cars after it's already raining. That first rain comes along and you suddenly realize that your wiper blades are cracked and pretty much useless. They were exposed to temperature changes such as the scorching sun, frost and other types of damage caused by washing or dirt accumulation all year. They don't cost very much and you must have them to safely make it through the winter. Well, all the weather seals, pipe wraps, and caulking joints around your house went through the same conditions all year long. Chances are, many of them didn't fair too well.  However,  we fail to realize how important these items really are.
Your home moves. It settles. It shifts and It doesn't matter where you live or how your home was built. If you have windows and doors and I would imagine you have a few, temperature changes and all those events I mentioned above have most likely made a major impact on air flow and how rain is kept out of your home. Caulking and other types of sealants also crack or peal over time. Maintenance is the key and it's relatively inexpensive to have these issues handled by someone who has experience with weatherproofing.
So, if you are feeling drafts, worried about exposed pipes or not sure where to begin, give us a call for a free estimate. 209-366-3288.
Richard Jones
R & D Enterprises
Lodi, California
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