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August 2011

Using used material

We have been asked on several occasions to re-use material that a customer has on hand. Accumulated brick, tile, wood and other materials can be used again in unique ways that bring new life or purpose to a yard
. For example, using bricks for planter boxes or yard dividers that came out of an old walkway or garden path. One of our customers had us use tile from a bathroom remodel to cover ceramic pots and an old wooden table they used in the garden. We broke the tile in irregular pieces, glued them onto several red ceramic flower pots and filled in spaces with grout. Applying sealant over the surface made them more durable and ready for placement on their patio.
  Odd items not usually associated with a garden such as old toilets, small boats, sinks, tires, vehicle parts and wash basins can also be used to add a personal touch to a yard, garden or patio. The best thing about using used material that you have lying around the yard is the cost. Unless you need glue , grout or hardware, the only cost involved is labor and or time if you do it yourself. So the next time you find yourself relaxing on your patio, porch or deck, think about how to incorporate your "junk" into new and exciting features for your yard.
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