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From the Handyman:
I want to thank everyone for their comments below. I am so proud and honored to have the opportunity to serve each and every one of you and I (we) look forward to working with all of you in the future.
Richard Jones

Erik, Lodi, Fence installation:

Thank you, it looks great.

Carol L. Lodi, Sink replacement.

I'm sorry you had to go through all that to get the old sink out. We had no idea it would be that hard to do. The new one looks great. (The old sink had been installed with epoxy and in order to get it out I had to remove all the tile around it, find matching tile, and re-do the counter top. It took several hours but I was able to  make it look as though the sink was always there).

Helen T. Stockton, Patio cover replacement:

You did a really nice job. Thank you so much.
Bob M. Woodbridge, Door and roof rot repairs:
Thank you for doing such a great job on the roof and upstairs doors. The doors look like new even though you cut off quite a bit from the bottom. I saw the part you replaced but you seamed it so well that I can't tell where the repair was done. Thanks again!!!
Dave M. Lodi, Multiple projects (600 sq. ft pavers, custom fence, pergola assembly, etc.)
The pavers look awesome and you completed it in time for my wife's return from the hospital which was great. Thanks also for changing out the two solar lights that were not working on the new fence. We'll be calling on you again.
T. McFadden Acampo. Custom closet, electrical and bath remodel
I'm excited!!! We've waited a long time to have someone complete the bathroom. It's been months since our first guy kind of left us hanging. Thank you so much for all you've done. We'd like to start on the hall bath next.
Becky Z. Lodi. Grass board replacement.
Wow, you guys worked fast! The fence repair looks good, I'm pretty happy. Thank you.
Cindy Q. Lodi., Deck repairs
Thank you SO much!
Best regards and many thanks - Cindy & Al
Nadine G. Acampo, 8 x 12 Shed roofing and painting:
Thank You ! Thank You! I'm so Happy!
Larry C. Lodi, Owner/builder renovation project (One of 11 with this customer):
"The house turned out well. I liked the way we worked in the extra cabinet doors over the fridge and the stove area. The floors look great. Thank all the subs for us".
Jeff M, Lodi, Rot repairs:
"You did a very nice job. Thank you very much".
Susan, Lodi, Customer comment.
"I was surprised to see your old moving truck pull up the other day in front of the house for my appointment. I was expecting your truck and trailer. But I must say, the way you rebuilt the back of it and made it into a mobile command center was amazing. It's hard to believe you carry so much stuff at once".
C.F., Lodi, Rot repairs.
"The total cost of all the work you did was over 75% cheaper than what the termite company wanted for the same work. We can't believe they would charge that much to replace a few boards and they wouldn't even paint afterwards. Thank you so much!!!
S. E., Lodi, Loading material and garage door repairs.
"Once again you came to my rescue. My brother and I could not of loaded the truck by ourselves and we didn't have any idea why the garage door opener was not working. Thank you again for being available at a moments notice".
Larry C., Lodi Multiple home remodels.
" Thank you so much for all you've done. You have done much more and taken on more responsibilities than we ever thought or expected you to do. Thanks again."
John S. Stockton, Multiple projects in one short trip.
"We will make another list for you. All I could say when I saw the bill was what a deal!!!"
M.C., Lodi, Treated wine barrel installation:
"You did a great job on the planters and the trees look great".
Loyd M. Lodi, Installed steel & wood fence:
"Thank You So Much!!" "I needed that fence repaired for awhile now and I think the new one will certainly outlast me".
Lynda L. Lodi Installed pet door panel in sliding door:
Thanks, Rich . . . good job!


Linda B.L. Galt, Fence Repair:

"You've got to be kidding me!!! The last guy I had out here took the same amount of time just getting his tools out of the truck as you did to do the whole job. Like you said, it's just a fence. Thanks again, and god be with you."
Chris H. Lodi, Fence decals on glass:
" I love my little fence. I can't wait to find animal stickers to stick on the front windows".
Carlos Alva, Lodi, Shower door installation:
"My wife is thrilled!!! I am not a tool type guy. You know it because you saw what I tried to do to the shower doors. They leaked and were kind of "loppy" looking. Thanks for making it right. We will use you again".
Kenna P. Stockton, Condo clear-out:
Thank you so much for hauling away everything in the house. You did it all in one day and even delivered all the books to the store for us. We will call on you again. Thanks again for everything.
Tracy P. Lodi, Minor home remodeling, tile repair and painting.
(Done by someone else)
"I owe you an apology. I should have went with you as we did before. I thought I could save us money (even just a couple hundred bucks) with the other guy but it cost us more at the end and I'm not happy with the work. He and his guys rushed everything and left out all the detail work. Dan is livid. When you re-did our den earlier this year, you went out of your way and did much more than I expected and when I asked about it, you said "It's ridiculous to  rush a bid job, cutting corners is just wrong and I can't risk getting sloppy or losing my reputation".  
So, once again Rich, we are sorry and will always use you from now on."
Tracy & Dan
Kathy T. Galt, Gutter repair and double gate rebuild.
Hi Rich . . . I wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for your quick response and great job fixing my gutters and rebuilding my gate. I was very impressed by your professionalism and prompt response. I will definitely recommend your services to family and friends. Thanks Again, Kathy Tellyer
D. H., Lodi, Storage Unit Flooring
 (We configure and install pallets for storage units so items are kept off the floor)
"You were highly reccomended by the storage company and you did a nice job".
RD Paige, Acampo, Roof Repair
"If I didn't call you, I would have spent almost five times more to get my roof repaired. It rained last night and we had no leaks anywhere. Thanks again for helping to solve an ongoing problem".
A.K. Lodi, Multiple Projects
"I am so glad I found you!!! Thank you so much",
D.C. Lodi, Sprinkler Repairs
"WOW!!!! I'm impressed. You didn't even go to the store to get parts. You must have everything but the kitchen sink in that little trailer of yours. Thanks again for everything."
C.J. Lodi, Local move to storage unit
We will spread the news of your wonderful business far and wide.  Eric and Steve did an excellent job and Eric showed solid leadership and professional skills.  I would recommend your company to anyone.  I enjoyed our interactions and wish you the best in the present and the future.
Christina Hoffman
Owner: Secondhand Rose
Lodi, CA
Top notch quality service!!! I f you are in need of a "Handyman" Rich is the guy for you. I opened a second store in Elk Grove late last year and I am sooo grateful for everything this man has done! He does it all.! From Scraping years of accumulated linoleum from the floor to painting and everything in between. He even custom built my sales counter! If I had an idea he would tweek my idea and make it even BETTER! There is nothing this man can NOT do. I wanted to hang some furniture from the ceiling and his response was "Sure no problem" And he did!! Thank you SO SO SO MUCH for making my dream come true. WE were so thrilled that we then had him remodel our store in Lodi! Use this man with the utmost confidence, He will exceed your expectations every single time.. I have since adopted him and his lovely wife Della.
Jack C., Lodi (Yard Clearing and Maintenance)
" I called about hauling away some trash in my back yard. When Richard came out to give me a quote, I was surprised that the price was so reasonable, and the work he did was excellent. In a week or so I'll probably have him back to do the garage. We are happy with his work".
Tony L., Woodbridge (Property Clearing)
" Good work and really nice people".
Veronica W. Lodi (Garage Cleaned-out and organized)
"I can see the floor in the garage again and the car actually fits".
G R, Lodi (Driveway Fence)
"I like my new fence". "You did a great job".
Jack C., Lodi (Clean-out and sidewalk wash)
" The garage and the side yard looks great". "Thank you for another job well done".
Fredene, Lodi (2 mile move)
" You did a great job moving several hundred of our boxes and they were organized and stacked well in the new garage".
Sarah Hague, Lodi (1 mile move, painting, cleaning, etc.)
I am so pleased with the work Richard and his crew did! They moved all of my furniture to my new home, cleared all of the trash that had accumulated in the garage and
outside, and they painted the whole house so that I got all of the deposit back! They
did beautiful work and best of all, nothing got broken! Thank you again R & D Enterprises!
Larry D. Lodi (Ceiling Fan Installation)
" Did a great job on the ceiling fans, fast and efficient, and will recommend you to our neighbors".
Sharon, Lodi (Sprinkler Repairs)
"Took care of my sprinkler system problems and may have you back again soon to
work on a fence".
Nadine, Galt (Deck Lift)
"Our deck sank over the years but now it's level and looks great"
Roger S. Lockeford (Move house contents to storage)
" They were fast and efficient even though it was about 105 degrees that day. Another company bailed out on us just prior to the move and the crew came out on short notice. We may have them move all the items again depending on how far away we decide to move".
C.R. Stockton (Pre-foreclosure cleaning)
" We have been out of the house for awhile and unable to control the weeds and trash that was accumulating. Rich and his crew came in and cleared all the weeds and trash which kept us from having to pay fines to the City".
Carl S. Woodbridge (Fence Installation)
"Rich gave me a free estimate with several options, hauled off the old fence except for posts which He cut and stacked for our fireplace, and
did a fantastic job. Our fence is beautiful and we are now thinking about a small deck
off the dining room." "Thank you for all the help".
Silvia W. Galt (Fence Repairs)
"I needed a very old garden fence repaired". "The boards  were falling off and the gate was rotten but the posts were OK". "He replaced the boards, made a new gate and painted the fence white". "It looks very nice".
Pete, Stockton (Yard trimming, clean-up and haul off)
"Did a very nice job".
Terry C. Lodi (Garage clean-out and haul off)
"Richard, It was a pleasure to meet you and I wanted to say that your so nice and you really did an awesome job! I was so happy with my garage! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I will recommend you to all my family and friends!
L.V. Lodi (Pond fill, gate build and fence repairs)
" My mother was pleased with the work you did at her house and my wife and I are
very happy we found you. We will recommend you to all our customers".
Ginny P. Lodi (Moving, Hauling Trash, Garage Cleaning, assembly)
A GREAT BIG "THANK YOU !" Rich for ALL the help you have given us ... Could not have made it through any of the several jobs without your help.I don't think i can thank you enough ! not only for your excellent help but also for your positive attitude and support that these projects CAN BE DONE ! and you are there to help with whatever it takes to get them done !! .. Wow ! From the first job on, moving my Aunt and Uncle ,
we just didn't know where to start .. to getting stuff out of storage, going through all boxes, cleaning out garage,all the way to set up and EVEN YARD SALE MORNING !!! Could Not have done it without your help !! Your help keeping me focused on the end result was worth way more than we paid you !!! Don and I haven't met anyone so Nice and Willing to help with anything..  Thank You So Much !! I Will recommend your help to everyone I know, telling them all how hard and fast you work and how willing you
are to "Just be there and help with anything !! "Great to have met you ,your wife and some of your family as well !! .. You were so easy to work with too !! So much work got done !! That was Hard !! :) Thank You Again Soooo Much !! we still need more help
and now i know who to call ! that alone is a relief !!.
George L. Stockton ( New 22 foot yard separation Fence)
"Thanks for taking care of the problem".
NOTE: We only had one person available that day for this project which included removal of 40' of fence and three footings, regrading, four post installations, 3 partitions/framing (totaling 22') and hauling off the spoils and old fence (from the rear
of the house to the street). We/I started at 10:00 am and left at 4:30 pm.
Bill O. Lodi (85 feet of 7' high redwood "replacement" fencing)
"Truly Exceptional work".
Tony F.Lodi (80 feet of 6' high redwood faced fencing and gate)
"You and your boys did a great job". "Thank you so much".
Susan N. Lodi (8' x 12' Pool equipment enclosure)
"Oh I am so happy with it, it matches the other new fence you put in and it's just the right height". Thank you
Nadine. Clements (Water main repairs)
"Thank you so much for getting the pipe into my mother's house fixed and the water back on at such short notice". "She's very happy with you".
Nadine. Acampo (shower tile, plumbing, linoleum)
"I am very happy to have the bathroom completed". "It looks great".  
Ron D., Galt (chandelier installation)
" Thank you for a great job".
M.D.  Lodi (fencing, yard care, planting, etc.)
"The fence looks nice and I'm really happy that my yard is all buttoned up".
John L. , Lodi (Patio and borders for the yard)
"I can't believe you could make such a hard job look so effortless". "You were here
right on time and completed the work sooner than I thought possible". " I made the right choice by going hourly".
H. K. Lodi, (Main line sprinkler repair)
" I called him at home early in the morning and he was here in less than 10 minutes. I woke up to a geyser in my back yard by the pump house and feared the worst. Within a few minutes, he had the water off, obtained the parts and fixed the problem in less than an hour and a half. He's always been there for me and I am just thrilled. Thanks again." 
Penny, Stockton (Complete 4" drainage system)
" Our yard was dryer last night during the rainstorm. The gutters were draining just fine. Thank you very much".
Pam, Stockton (Moving)
I really appreciated your efforts. You were patient with my situation and now I'm glad to have all my furniture in a safe location. I worried about having things stolen but now I can rest easier. Thank you so much".
Toni, Lodi (Electrical repairs)
"You did a great job. Our kitchen lights are all working again and we are very happy".
Terri, Lodi (Multiple Projects)
"I just came back from my trip and the privacy screen and fence looks great. When the weather is better, I want to talk about putting in the new walkway and a few other things".
A.C, Lodi (Painting, pressure washing, weeding, cleaning)
" We are ready to go when the weather permits. Thank you for bidding our projects within our budget and letting us wait on the painting until May or June."
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