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Products & Services. 
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Example of a construction site type project and hauling services we offer 
  • Providing general labor to assist contractors.
  • Finding special antiques or products for our customers.
  • work with agents short sales and foreclosures
    Here's a list of some of the services we have provided:
    Check back often as we keep adding to our list and if you don't see your project here, call  us right away as we can probably help...
    Click on a category below
    Here's a list of some of the services we do not currently provide: (from customer requests). We do however know contractors that specialize in this work.
    • New plumbing or flange relocation for toilets
    • Circuit Breaker box replacements or additions
    • Asphalt resurfacing
    • Gas piping, additions or gas dryer and gas water heater relocation
    • Wallpaper Installation
    • Pool re-surfacing
    • Home roofing (We only do small outbuildings or sheds and general leak repairs).
    • Concrete jacking or foundation leveling**.
    • Large tree removal or working above 25 feet.
    • House Moving
    • Framing
    • Major Home Demolition
    ** We do however offer Pier replacement and treatments for termite and water damage (dry rot).
    Typical Examples:
    For actual  projects, please see "Our Projects" or one of the categories listed above.
    Example of furniture we help you move or deliver
    We pick up items that you purchase at antique stores or specialty shops and we can safely deliver it to your door (in any weather) and place it where you need it. We'll even haul off your unwanted or replaced items at no additional cost*when we leave.
    * conditions apply
    Example of the types of material we haul or move for you.
    Have us pick up your material for your do it yourself projects or have us do the work for you.
    Example of yard and construction services we provide like fencing
    Need Help around the garden or bringing in soil and fertilizer to get that garden going? We do sod and landscaping projects as well.
    We provide all types of cleaning services
    Need help with cleaning or expecting visitors from out of town? We even do windows.
    Clear, clean and move items from your garage
    Is your garage a "disaster area" that's become more like a cluttered storage facility? We can clean it out, dispose of all the "treasures" you no longer want, add cabinets, shelves,  carts or workbenches and put everything back in its proper place.
    Example of the types fence installation and construction services we provide
    With over 25 years experience building chain link, wrought iron and wood fences, we can make repairs or replace your old fence with a new style or type.
    Example of a walkway project we can do.
    Have an idea for a walkway but you're not sure how to make it happen? We can help.     
    Example of sprinkler services we provide.
    Sprinkler repairs and adjustments
    can be a hassle. We have the
    equipment and knowledge to make
    these repairs quickly and easily on residential systems.
    Example of the types of gutters we clean and repair
    Tired of cleaning out your gutters every year? We can do it for you  or  install new products that help to eliminate or reduce the need    for cleaning. 
    Example of the types of video and audio equipment we can wire, install or move to a different location.
    Buy a new system that the delivery team installed but now you want to move it, add more components or run wire and cables in difficult spaces? We have over 15 years of experience in wiring homes for security and home innovation systems. We install all types of wall mounted TV's and components.
    Example showing we do construction, fences and repairs. 

    An example of services we can provide
    We install carpet and other types of flooring.
    Example of tile work that we can do
    We do tile repairs and small or medium sized installation projects.
    Example of the types of hedges we can shape, trim or maintain
    Hedge trimming and general property care or cleaning.
    We prune and trim bushes, roses and trees under 25 feet tall
    Pruning, tree care or small tree removal projects are another service we provide.
    We can do arc welding repairs, fence panels or gates in our shop.
    We perform arc welding repairs or fabrication at our shop.
    Example of the types of paths and patios we can install and areas we can clean.
    Help you or install garden paths and walkways. If you care to do it yourself, we can go with you to purchase all your supplies, haul them back and unload the items right where you need them.
    We can help you with garage sales and events 
    We set up and or run your garage sale for you for a percentage of the sale. When you are done, we can deliver unsold items to your favorite charity or simply haul off the items to get them out of your way.
    We can move items in and out of storage or re-organize your storage space for easy access 
    Need to drop off or pick up items from storage units? We can do it while you are doing something else and you can be sure that your items will be handled carefully and stacked properly. Are you interested in the storage auction craze, want to buy a storage unit but don't have a way to haul it off? We can help...
    We can help you recycle or properly move or dispose of hazardous household  materials such as chemicals, paints and other items Recycling is important to us. We  can make sure your  scrap metal, aluminum and several other types  of metals or paper products go to the proper facilities  and we only charge a
    percentage of the profits  (in most cases) to haul it off.

    We do house sitting and make sure your house is safe and secure by checking doors windows and locks or alarms on outbuilding.Going on vacation and need someone to collect mail, maintain your property, water plants, feed animals, wait for or meet contractors or just stop by now and then to make sure your home is OK? We can do that.
    We install garage doors in rental and vacation propertiesWe do siding and garage door trim installations.
    Installation and minor repairs example                      
    We install washers and dryers as well as dryer vents. We also clean vents, access areas and repair damaged vent covers. 
    Cleaning garbage cans
    We now offer garbage can cleaning services. We will hand clean standard sized residential cans or pressure wash commercial and industrial sized bins or roll-aways.
    Repairs and installations
    We install new faucets, garbage disposals
    and do minor leak repairs.
    Tile and hardwood installation
    We install laminate flooring.
    "If you can dream it up, we can get it done"
    Call us today and share your dreams with us.
    Find us fast at: www.handymanlodi.com
    You can always call me directly at 209-366-3288 with questions, comments or concerns you may have. Both of us are now available to help and take your calls. If you want to schedule a project as soon as possible, please call Della at 
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