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Our Recent Projects:
We often hear our customers say "I didn't know you did that type of work" or "I don't know if you want to do this work but..."..
So, we thought it would be a great idea to start listing photos of projects and tasks we completed every few months so our new and long term customers can get a better understanding of what we can do..
NOTE: All of the major remodel work we do requiring permits are done through our clients (Owner/Builders) and inspected by the City.
Stairway painting and construction
The steps were cleaned and painted with grip paint that provided a better surface especially in wet weather.
Stairway painting and construction
We do safety painting to help eliminate tripping hazards such as this apartment complex entry.
Construction related

We do chain link fences like this yard divider to allow for more pets.
Home repairs and landscaping

We replaced all the trim on this rental house as the South side is actually the front of the house and gets the brunt of the weather. We do alot of rot repairs. We did 41 projects (rot repairs) similar to this house in 2014 alone.
Fence and chain link enclosure construction

We added a few posts on this existing porch to make holding areas for abandoned cats.
Fence and chain link enclosure construction
We enclosed the porch with chain link fence and installed two gates that allow for two separate cage areas.
Construction services
This is the start of a dry creek bed we are installing in a local back yard. When completed, it will have a foot bridge, mounded growing areas, river rock, moss rock. pavers, decomposed granite paths, a full automatic drip system and new/re-purposed patio furniture. Look on the home page for an almost completed look.
Kitchen remodel after water heater relocation
Kitchen remodel done in an old home. The water heater shown on our home page was located in this area prior to re-locating it to the laundry room.
Before remodel photo of a kitchen
This is what the kitchen looked like before remodeling in another home.
After remodel photo of a kitchen

 We removed the cabinets in the previous picture, reused and relocated them which allowed us to install an island with very few new cabinet components.
Before remodel of kitchen corner

This part of the kitchen  stood alone and allowed a space for the old ice box. We made space on the other side of the room for appliances so this is before:
After remodel where a pantry was added
And this is after we enclosed this area and made it a pantry. We also installed a tile floor, painted and added new lights.
Stairway tread repairs
Broken base and bolts on an apartment stairwell before repairs.
Stairway repairs at an apartment complex

We installed new bolts, rebar and anchors before pouring anchoring cement into a custom form to rebuild the edge of the step. This was one of three we repaired on the same set of stairs.
Extensive floor re-building and structural repairs

Extensive rot repairs and new floor joists in a bathroom located in a business.
Flooring repairs in a storeAfter (with new Linoleum)
Cleaning and hauling services

Electrical trench work done in order to provide power in an out building in the country.
Custom built bridge which is part of a large landscape project
A redwood bridge we installed over a dry creek bed we also constructed for the customer.
Doors set outside for painting
We spray doors for our customers. At this home we painted 19 doors as well as several rooms
Before yard clean-up
We clean and clear yards like this one underway.
After yard clean-up and haul-off
And we make them look like this before we leave. We did all the brick work you see for the original owner prior to selling the house.
Fence lumber ready to install
From this:
After fence installation
To This:
Raised flower bed surrounded by blocks and pavers

Custom planter and seating area we constructed in a back yard.
Water heater straps, constuction, hauling, Installation
We have installed water heater straps, blankets and pedestals for over  6 clients last year.
Fountain and paver installation
We did custom pavers, fountain and all the underground work required to complete this project.
Fence repairs done at an older home
We do small fence repairs all over Lodi and the surrounding area.
Light pole and concrete work
We do a few light pole installations  for remote properties and large yards. This one is in Morada.
Paver installation at customers residence
This shows a small section of pavers we installed.
Lodi kitchen remodel
This area of the kitchen had an old stove in the same location and a water heater next to it. There were no cabinets and the sink was in another room. This was an extensive makeover that required permits with the City.
Existing wall cabinet before remodel
There was a built in cabinet and drawer faces in this living room.
New passthrough area where cabinets were once located

This is what it looked like after we opened it up and added tile for a nice bar area which opens up the new kitchen area.
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