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How It Works 
We do standard DIY (Do it Yourself) projects for those who do not wish to or are physically not able to. We also tackle projects that require skills that many homeowners may not have such as installing doors, installing drainage pipes, building fences, decks, patios or other construction related projects.
We look at home repair differently than most contractors or skilled service providers. We are more than happy to teach customers how to do more on their own the next time they have a project in mind and you typically won't hear that from too many other service providers out there.
Packaged Pricing
All the installations below reflect labor prices only. 
You buy what you want, bring it home and we come install it. If upon arrival we determine you have the wrong parts, we'll let you know. If we determine you need an electrician or a plumber (we always determine this before we start) we'll be happy to refer you to one. In these cases, If we have not started installing or are unable to do any work, you only pay a $15.00 service charge for our onsite consultation.
 In most cases, it pays to have us provide a free estimate* so we can help you obtain the right parts the first time you head to the home center. We also pick-up will call orders for a small additional fee. Not sure this is right for you. Call us and we'll answer any questions you may have. 
* Within our standard area of operation

NOTE: These prices apply when installing single items. We may be able to save you more by simply going with an hourly rate on multiple items.

Installation                                                     Our Price     Home Centers*** 
Ceiling Fans -------------------------------------------------- $80.00 --------------- $98.00
  • Only on existing solid ceiling boxes capable of holding a fan.
  • Includes dismantle and disposal of old fan or fixture.
  • Discounts for multiple fan installations.
 Toilets -------------------------------------------------------- $80.00 ---------------- $99.00
  • Installed on existing flange only
  • No plumbing modifications
  • Feeder hose and wall valve not included
  • wax ring included (if not with new toilet)
  • Includes haul off of old toilet
  • Discounts for multiple installations
 Kitchen Faucets ------------------------------------------ $80.00 ----------------- $90.00
  • Does not include feeder hoses or wall valve changes
  • Includes surface cleaning after removal of old faucet.
  • Includes disposal of old faucet/components
  • Does not include new hole modifications in sink or counter top
 Vanity Light Fixture ------------------------------------ $65.00 ----------------- $75.00
  • Must be installed on sturdy existing wall box
  • Must not exceed circuit capabilities
  • Includes disposal of old light fixture
 Garbage Disposals ----------------------------------- $80.00 -------------------- $90.00
  • Replacements only
  • Must not exceed circuit capabilities
  • Includes disposal of old disposal
 Single sink Vanity ---------------------------------- $110.00 --------------------$125.00
  • 48" width maximum
  • Includes disposal of old vanity
  • Does not include new hole modifications in counter top
 Faucets for Vanity (Two or more only)----------$40.00 ----------------------$50.00
  • Does not include feeder hoses or wall valve changes
  • Does not include new hole modifications in sink or counter top
  • Includes disposal of old faucet/components
     Carbon Monoxide/Smoke Detectors * -----------$15.00ea.---------------$N/A
    • Listed price is for labor only
    • Price is for up to three (3) detectors ($45.00).
    • Each detector after the first three is $10.00 each
    • Includes testing and instructions for use/care.
     Outdoor hose bib replacements ( 2 Min.)-----------$35.00ea --------------$N/A
    • Labor only
    • Does not include pipe extensions or pipe repairs
    • Includes removal of old hose bib.
    Indoor angle stop valve replacements ( 2 min)---$35.00ea --------------$N/A
    • Labor only
    • Does not include pipe extensions or pipe repairs
    • Includes removal of old valve.
    Security Screen Doors -------------------------------------$ 100.00ea -----------$ 199.00
    • Trim or structural modifications are extra.
    • Includes security bolts (if not included in assembly parts)
    • On-site measuring prior to purchase is required.
      * Very popular service though we are sometimes unable to provide this price based on the day (weekends, holidays) or after hours.Prices at this time are based on an hourly rate. We will not install only one of these items in a single trip. Please call us for details.
      *** Home center estimates are based on average fees and different home centers/stores may have higher or lower prices available at any given time. 
    Want to save even more money?

    Make a list from the projects listed above or a list of other items you
    need done, obtain the material from your local home improvement center
    and have us do multiple projects  all in one trip*. Replace your toilet, vanity, vanity fixture and vanity light at the same time and save**.
     Or, have us install the detectors when we do the fan(s). 
    Discounts apply to multiple projects or hourly or daily services may cost even less.
    Call us today
    * In some cases we may not be able to complete the work in a single trip. Additional parts that may be required, time of appointment and other initially unknown factors  may contribute to a return trip and additional charges..  
    **Additional material and modifications to plumbing, electrical or structural components are extra and may require the services of a licensed General Contractor, Plumber or Electrician. 
    NOTE:  We do charge travel and fuel charges outside our 20mile range for bids or any services.                      
                         Other Services 
     Gutter Cleaning -------------------------------------------------- $45.00 to $65.00 per hour **
    • Gutters are cleared of all debris
    • Inside and outside of gutters are washed (if applicable)
    • Downspouts are flushed out
    • Debris is placed in your yard and garden bin
    • Bids are required for larger (over 1500 sq. ft.) or two story homes.
    ** Does not include cleaning agents, repairs or specialized surface prep.
    Dryer Vent Cleaning ---------------------------------------------------------- $45.00 ea.
    • Vacuum inlets, hoses and connection points
    • Clear and vacuum inside dryer
    Pressure Washing ------------------------------------------------------------- Bids Only
     * Within our standard service area only. Fees apply to estimates beyond our standard 20 mile service area.
    NOTE: We have competitive rates with no surprises at the time of payment.
    Call us today 209-366-3288
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