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Customers Page
Note: If you have any construction material left over from a project and would like to donate all or part of it to R & D Enterprises, we will gladly pass it on to our fixed income customers who are sometimes unable to afford needed materials.
We recently had a gentleman donate a pile of river rock which we will be installing for an elderly couple who want to remove a lawn and do their best to save water and cut down on their monthly water bill.
A new customer couldn't afford paint for the exterior of their home so another customer donated 10 gallons that they were planning on using but used another color instead. We reduced our labor prices and the customer had a much cleaner looking home.
Customer Photos
The following photographs are of projects done entirely by our customers. These are people who are passionate about landscaping, construction or gardening and we wanted to share their photo's with everyone. They did all the work without designers, contractors or specialists. Some projects shown are still underway.
Customer completed yard work
Pavers, stones and repairs
Yard landscaping in a larger scale
Landscape done by customer
Landscaping done by customer
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