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Della Jones
Richard Jones CHP  
Lic. # 17418
Member: ACHP 
(Association of Certified Handyman  Professionals ) 
Association of Certified Handyman Professionals
Our Customers are doing all they can to save water. That's why we are receiving calls on a daily basis asking if we repair sprinklers and drip systems. Well, we do and we convert sprinkler systems to drip and also install gutter accessories and rain barrels!!!
If you are looking for ways to save water now and in the future, call us for a free quote*. We will come to your home, determine what you need and even help you choose the right products.
Call us Today!!!
or 209-663-3662
* Within a 20 mile radius of central Lodi
What makes us different from most Handymen in Lodi? We don't specialize in one trade or task element. We will do the smallest jobs you could imagine. Drive by and check your home, set up a light timer or "house sit" while you go on a trip. Re-attach a broken phone cord or light switch. Install a new mailbox or plant flowers in pots you bought at the home center. We understand that sometimes, especially for those who live alone or away from family or friends, the smallest task can be challenging at the very least. We started this company to help those in need and fill in for friends and family who live too far away to help. See our testimonial section or go to Angieslist.com for more information and comments.
But That's Not All We Do!
We also provide construction management and supervision services for ongoing large or multiple location projects for Owner/Builders. This service is popular with customers who buy and re-sell (flip) homes. Our duties include gathering bids, administering schedules, purchasing on behalf of the Owner/Builder, design build, permit submittals, schematic production, site management, demolition, disposal and  installations just to name a few. We do these tasks on an hourly charge basis that is about 30 to 50% lower than most others who even provide these services. So, If you need a project, construction or quality control management specialist with over 15 years of experience, call us and make an appointment. "We are here to help".
Rich & Della Jones
For the fastest service please call 209-663-3662
Service You Can Rely On
Here is a selection of our most popular services:
  • Painting
  • Water Saving Devices
  • Outdoor lighting fixtures
  • Landscaping
  • Fencing and gate installation
  • Flooring and repairs
  • Pergola/Arbor/Patio Cover Installations
  • Multiple small project consolidation
  • Carport Installations
  • Doors & Windows
  • Deck Rebuilding
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Pest Report Demolition and repairs
  • And so much more!
Click on Photos to enlarge.
You Must See Our "Recent Projects" Page as well.
A 12 x 14 paver patio we completed in August
A custom built fence we built from the top down.
A 14 x 27 custom paver patio under construction.
Collection/diversion style rain barrel. When it fills up, the water is diverted to the downspout.
Collection/planter style  rain barrel. We install rain catching/storing devices of all types.
A Pantry we built from scratch in a corner of a large living room.
We do toilet repairs as well as floor re-construction which we had to do here.
All redwood fence on steel posts.
Four foot tall yard divider fence and gate.
3.5 yards of garden soil were added to this yard as well as river rock, moss rocks, plants and brick repairs.
We replaced old stepping stones with used brick to make a safer path for the lawnmower.
This front porch was covered with an outdoor carpet that rotted over time. We scraped it off, Extended the top landing to allow for a random pattern that better fit the customer provided tiles that were 12" x 24". This porch was quite a challenge as the original steps and landing were over 2 inches out of square. We were able to correct it within a 1/4" overall
We do sheetrock repairs and full installations. This wall was tounge and groove siding in the living room and there was a hole that a previous owner cut-in to add an air conditioner. It was not a pretty site but now this wall matches the rest of the room.
This is a back yard we are currently working on in Lodi. The new landscaping next to the sidewalk was all lawn. Due to the rain and fog, we are yet to complete the pavers (sanding) and we need to pour in decomposed granite on the other side of the yard as well.
This has been a joint effort with Nicholson Construction of Lodi. They built the bridge and we did the overall design and heavy lifting. We have done four of these types of installations this year alone.
This is a recent bathroom we did for a repeat client.
Trim Placement
When we removed the "70's" style paneling from this section of a dining room, we found that the original trim boards had been removed and discarded. We installed new trim of the same size and type not only in the dining room
but also onto one wall of the kitchen to tie it all in.
Fountain Foundation
This is a pad being poured for a new fountain. The form was made of a roll of roof flashing as it was an odd size and height.
Completed Founntain
The completed fountain
Sprinkler Valves
We do all types of home irrigation work.
Excavation Work
This is the start of a patio area cut into the side of a hill done mostly by hand because of its location.
Further Excavation
After excavation and compaction, we installed free standing retaining walls (interlocked with adhesives) and started using mortar to set the cap stones.
Completed Patio Area
After the wall was completed we installed heavy pavers to form the actual patio floor.
Yard Work
Here is the completed project with a decomposed granite walkway/ramp leading to the new patio area.
New window and siding repairs
Window and lower siding replacement
Siding Repairs
City permitted rot repairs done to an old house in Lodi with updated lower siding repairs. The old shingles could not be found to match and contain asbestos so they were left alone..
Fencing work
Fence face board replacement.
Backyard Fence
Larger good neighbor fence project in Lodi. This project was done for and with the assistance of a local General Contractor.
Fence in the trees
Good neighbor fence in a wooded back yard. Total of 152' linear feet.
Mud sil replacement and rot repairs
Foundation repairs. This particular garage wall had actually sunk into the ground. The reason? The original mudsil (usually a redwood 2 x 4 in the old days) was set on one row of bricks, not on concrete and it disintegrated over time. The surrounding grade also sunk and created a "pooling" point for water run-off. Prior to this fix (building an actual concrete foundation as shown here), the water would penetrate the wall and run into the garage for several feet. It's not cost effective to remove the entire sidewalk so we brought the base of the wall up above any pooling water that may accumulate in the future. All of this work was permitted and City inspected.
Rot and strucural Repairs on a porch
Porch ceiling rot and structural repairs.
Property hauling and Clean-up
Trash removal
Porch decking and railing replacement
We re-built the porch and railing for this home.
Water Heater before relocation
This water heater had been installed next to a stove in an old house. We moved it to the laundry room and built a new kitchen in it's place. You can see what it looks like now on our "Recent Projects" page
Mud sil repairs and criples
Image of damaged floor
This floor was so badly damaged, we had to remove the underlayment and a major portion of the sub-floor. Because of the long term damage, the entire bathroom floor had tilted towards the toilet.
Image of completed floor
After repairing all the damaged and leveling the floor (taking several trips to do so for drying time), we installed new flooring and base. At the time of this photo, we had not sealed at the base of the tub.
Damaged section of floor
This area of the floor is where the leak pooled up in another bathroom. The leak started at the toilet and ended here about 4 feet away. Based on the overall damage to the underlayment and sub-floor, this one leak had probably been ongoing for several years. This is the second bathroom in this home that needed extensive floor replacement.
Flooring repairs done to an older home
This is the same area with new flooring and base. I don't have a photo available showing how bad the damage was (which was much worse than the other bathroom) but, 80% of the area shown here required sub-floor replacement and 100% required underlayment replacement.
Gutter chains installed on an upscale home
We install custom gutter chains and downspouts.
Custom built light pole
Custom light poles, bases and lights are no problem. This light provides coverage of just under 1300 square feet on this property.
Chandelier that was removed from a store closing
We install and remove/re-locate chandeliers and specialty lighting fixtures. .
The next eight photo's are of different parts of the same yard that we completed three years ago. The owner of this home would be happy to let us show new customers their yard in person just so they can get the  effect
of what it took to do these projects. Pictures show the basics but being on site and walking through the
yard is quite an experience. At every turn is something new to see. All of this work was done in phases stretched out over four months.
View of many features in a back yard
Custom built back yard
This is a bridge over a dry creek bed which joins a hexagon patio to a fountain area.
Raised landscaping feature
There are several raised features like this one all over the yard.
Custom built bridge over a dry creek bed
Be sure to click on this picture so you can see all the details.
Pavers, stones and landscape features
Another raised feature next to a tree bench that is at the base of a large orange tree.
Planter area of a newly landscaped yard
This is a raised planter box with cap stones for seating.
Pavers and landscaping features
This bronze tiger is on a raised area with several types of grass plants behind and underneath it. When the plants mature, it will appear that the tiger will be coming out of the jungle.
Pavers, fencing, bridge and general yard improvements
There are over 2500 pavers, blocks and stones in this yard
Custom built divider fence
Six foot tall divider fence in redwood. We built this for a customer that is doing all their own landscaping around their home (like the raised bed in the foreground) and they are doing a gorgeous job. We also installed custom gates at the front of the home.
Custom built pergola
This is a three posted all redwood pergola that was added to provide filtered shade for the south side of this home addition.  In this photo, construction is underway and at a later date, the pergola will wrap around the back side of the addition to shade another five windows.
Laminate flooring installation
One of two smaller bedrooms where we installed laminate flooring. the total was a bit over 240 square feet. We are now doing small to medium laminate, tile and vynal flooring projects ourselves for our customers.
Most of our customers call on us to do one task like build a fence, moving, hauling or let's say change out a fixture or two. However, once a new customer experiences our excellent service and realizes that we are proficient in so
 many fields, almost 80% keep having us back again and again. Our pricing is another reason why people keep our phones busy and, we meet or beat just about anyone out there with our service and warranty promises. 
New shed roof repairs done out in the country
We installed this new roof on a 12 x 16 shed. The customer started the project by stripping the old roof and installing the flashing. Due to a sudden customer illness, we completed the work for him.
Custom built gate next to a fence line we re-built
We are building more gates and fences this year than ever before.
Fence line with wood and steel posts
This is another cedar fence on steel posts. We didn't get a picture of the other side of this fence yet (we will return soon) so you can see all the cactus we had to work around. The neighbor has a yard full of beautiful plants and cactus, most of which I've never seen before.
You can always call me directly at 209-366-3288 with questions, comments or concerns you may have. Both of us are now available to help and take your calls. If you want to schedule a project as soon as possible, please call Della at 
Back Fence construction
We install fences of just about any type. This is a "good neighbor" style fence.
Custom made sprinkler valve cover
A simple redwood box made out of scrap fence material
to cover above ground sprinkler valves.
Landscaping layout feature
Detailed landscaping and drip systems
Custom built gate and fence area
Redwood round top gate made out of 2 x 8's. The structure is steel and the gate is almost 6 feet wide.
One of our customers garage sales
We clear and clean garages and barns for garage, estate and country sales.
Pation fence construction done to divide a yard
This privacy fence encloses the customers
outside living spaces and brings a natural look to the yard.
When we bid a project, we listen to our customers carefully and make sure we completely understand what is expected. We never try to "up-sell" and in many cases, we try to find alternatives that cost less, look better and take less time. It's all about saving money and overall customer satisfaction. And, we never rush through our bid projects, take shortcuts or do shoddy work.
Cedar fence boards over steel post construction
This fence is constructed with steel posts, treated rail and cedar fence boards. We guarantee our fences for at least five years for workmanship. We never rush a job and we always do it right.
Gate construction and repairs
This is a 10' redwood gate we "re-faced" with new redwood boards. The structure the boards are attached to is a steel corral style gate hung on pin hinges. We installed a spring loaded wheel assembly on the latch side to help support the weight.
Rose care, maintenance and fencing
One of our customers has 26 rose bushes (of several different types) in their front and back yard that we care for. We do all types of trimming and pruning. We also built the split rail fence in the foreground.
We can't do everything, we are the first to admit that, but we
 are willing to do more than most others who specialize
in only a few projects or tasks. We have a very long referral
list of companies we've used and trust. There are times when our customers need someone else that can do a certain job or task more efficiently or better overall than we
can. It just makes sense. After all, we want you to get the best service available and be treated fairly even if it's not by us. 
We also  install smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors that are now  required by law in every home in California. We have over fifteen years of experience in the fire and life safety industry so we know where detectors should be located and how many should be installed.
Service Areas
Our current service areas are Lodi, North Stockton, Woodbridge, Morada, Clements, South Lockeford, Galt, Acampo and unincorporated areas between.
"If you can dream it up, we can get it done together"
Call us today and share your dreams with us.
 Network Showcase
Each month we  showcase one of our Network Partners in this section.
Nicholson Construction logo
Kitchen remodel done by a networking partner
Premium Remodel Work at a reasonable price.
Kitchen, Bath, Windows, Doors and Room Additions
Call Wayne today to schedule an appointment
We look at home repair differently than most contractors or skilled service providers. We are more than happy to teach customers how to do more on their own the next time they have a project in mind and you typically won't hear that from too many other service providers out there. We are also available to provide advice or just another set of hands to help you complete a project faster.
Association of Certified Handyman Professionals
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